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“The guy is amazing. His bid was significantly lower than the competing bid I got, the work was perfect. Greg simply could not have provided better service before, during or after the paint job. I whole-heartedly recommend him, without reservations.”

Omar B., Brooklyn

“My girlfriend and I left our apartment for a week with a dusty pile of furniture in the middle of the room. When we came home, Greg and Koji had transformed our mess into a beautifully painted home! We will definitely use them again the next time we need a paint job. (Although they did such a great job that it probably won't be for a while).”

Jen S., Manhattan

“Greg and his team are fantastic. They are reliable, punctual, perfectionists, hard working, tidy, very reasonably priced, quiet as mice!

Have I said enough yet ? 

Highly recommended, in fact you’d be crazy to even entertain the thought of considering someone else!”

Brian & Melissa O., Manhattan

“The guys at Paint Your Apartment are really great! After my recent renovation, 
I needed my whole place painted. The job turned out professionally done, and everything was really clean and organized. It was the easiest part of the whole renovation! Count me among the other satisfied customers.”

Drew J., Manhattan
“I hired Paint Your Apartment because I thought painting was going to be 
a drag, but then it turned out to be a ton of fun! The whole experience was painless and gratifying.”

Kristy R., Manhattan

“Paint Your Apartment was fast, neat and 100% reliable. They held to their estimate and even corrected a slight color error without me even asking. They also worked very well with very strict co-op rules.”
Doreen K., Manhattan

“Greg and his team of painters did an amazing job on my apartment. It came out exactly as I had envisioned it, and they were thorough and paid extremely close attention to every detail. I left in the morning and came home to a freshly painted, clean apartment. It was like magic, but in fact it was a lot of hard work. Every detail, right down to the trim, was spot-on.”

Mark M., Manhattan
“Who knew a guy with a painting business could be so knowledgeable, so detailed, so thorough? I do now!”

Cornelia R., Manhattan

“I’m incredibly happy with the job Greg and Sergio did and I appreciate that Sergio came back right away to finish the bathroom, and that the entire job was so well handled and managed and clean. It was a real pleasure working with P.Y.A. and I will always recommend them to my friends and associates in need of an excellent paint job.”

James K., Manhattan
“A highly professional team that is as detail-oriented as you could hope for. We couldn't be more pleased!”

Teri & Jamie Ebersole, Manhattan
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